Brightfish offers a suite of mobility solutions for healthcare. Based on an intelligent back-end that can be integrated with any existing medical system, Brightfish can deploy apps for physicians, nurses, patients and researchers.

Outcome Measurements
  • Collect PROMs & PREMs through any device.
  • Integrate insights into the daily care process.
  • Share insights through dynamic reports.
eHealth deployments
  • Securily share medical records with your patients.
  • Integrate PROMs and PREMs into the EMR.
  • Include quality insights into daily clinical workflows.
EMR workflows
  • Optimize out-patient clinic work processes with apps.
  • No need for a workstation, carry the EMR in your pocket.
  • Fully mobilise your daily clinical tasks.
Research tooling
  • Engage participants with surveys on their own devices.
  • Collect data through ResearchKit and HealthKit.
  • Manage studies comfortably wherever you are.

Collect PROMs anywhere - on any device

Brightfish forms are customized to your specific needs and can be deployed in multiple settings. Apart from recording outcome data inside the examination room, patients can also complete PROM questionnaires while sitting in the waiting area. Moreover, healthcare organizations can decide to extend their data collection outside the walls of their hospital or clinic through Brightfish eHealth. The Brightfish Research infrastructure can deploy mobile applications to other clinics participating in multi-center studies. Or deploy a patient research app to have patients collect data from their living room.

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Securely extend the EMR into the living room

With Brightfish eHealth, healthcare organizations can now provide their patients with secure access to their medical records. Based on a selection of their choice, customer systems are linked through the Brightfish back-end and made available to a patient app or web portal in line with the latest security standards and guidelines. Patients can be prompted to complete forms before visiting the hospital or requested to collect health data for a specific period of time through their smartphones and/or wearables. All collected data will be made available within the existing EMR systems.

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Intuitive design for daily medical practice

The Brightfish EMR application is more intuitive and mobile than any other electronic medical record (EMR) available. It was designed in close cooperation with physicians and nurses to ensure that it was shaped around their everyday tasks. The mobility aspect allows completely new ways of organizing workflows and reduces friction in daily teamwork. The app runs on a tablet device, enabling new ways of medical reporting through the tablet camera, the medical template functionality and the annotation functionality. All this in one fluid mobile experience.

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Integrates fully with existing IT

There is no need to remove any of your existing IT systems. Brightfish integrates with these systems in real time by employing a smart middleware setup. The Brightfish back-end systems collect all the data that end users require to do their work. Brightfish also ensures that collected medical entries are properly stored in the original source systems. In this way, colleagues who are not yet using Brightfish can still find all reports in the existing systems. Moreover, organizations are thus able to slowly transition all staff to Brightfish (avoiding a risky big-bang IT transformation).

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